Dr Steve Carter


Orthopaedic Hand Procedures

The practice has extensive experience in both common and complex hand procedures. Common surgical procedures are: carpal tunnel releases, de Quervian's releases, Dupuytren's fasciectomy, basal joint thumb arthritis, trigger fingers, ganglions, mucous cysts and tennis elbow releases. More complex procedures such as flexor tendon grafting and reconstruction; tendon transfers; radial, median and ulna nerve injuries; joint replacements; Rheumatoid surgery. Tenolysis, joint releases, complex contractures, scaphoid non-unions, wrist partial and complete fusions, scapholunate ligament injuries, thumb ulna collateral ligament injuries and digital arthrodesis.

Examples of Congenital Hand Procedures performed are:

Examples of other Hand Surgery performed include:


The human hand is possibly the most complex piece of machinery ever evolved. The hand is the tool of the mind. It is through the hand that we have created vast computing power, been to the moon and erected works of art that outlast centuries.

We use our hands and wrists without thinking – just like breathing. And this is one of the reasons why post injury or surgery it has such a major impact on our lives. Remember the hand is controlled by almost 50% of the brain, and the whole rest of the body by the other 50%.

As such we have a multidisciplinary approach. Two experienced orthopaedic surgeons dedicated to the management of hand and wrist problems. We have a dedicated on site team of physiotherapists - led by Nureesah Hendricks (who has 10 years of experience in hand therapy) and occupational therapists led by Karin Weskamp (who has been doing hand OT for 20 years).

Our dedicated nursing sister Kathie Troost takes care of all our wound dressings and suture removal and gives invaluable advice on the care of the hand.

The front house team of Elsje Lazenby and Rashaldah Hoosen are extremely professional and dedicated. They will take care of all the administrative issues and your continuity of care.

So as you step through the doors of the Cape Hand Clinic you are met by an experienced and dedicated team, who will take care of your hand. Be it carpal tunnel syndrome or a fractured wrist, we will get you back to what you need to do, work, sport or play.

"The human hand the only vehicle to convert dreams to reality."